Andropeyronie Peyronie’s Disease Correction

Andropeyronie ® is a Peyronie´s disease extender to deal with bent penis. This clinical tool is FDA approved,, Medically tested and also US patented. The penis extender is based upon Penile Grip Therapy, which fixes a 50% of penile curvature.

Andropeyronie, for Peyronie’s Disease Correction

Peyronie’s disease can influence approximately 4 percent of men as well as is not the same as hereditary curvature of the penis. Peyronies is a problem in which the tissue inside the penis is influenced, which is different than a straightforward contour of the penis. Discomfort may happen not just during sexual intercourse however also when embarking on regular daily jobs. When put up there is typically curvature in the penis.

Men can experience a sensation of discomfort about the general visual of their penis which can create knock on impacts such as not being able to delight in a complete sex life, but can Peyronie‘s by treated? Well, certainly, there are numerous techniques of therapy that include medicine programs or also intrusive surgical treatment. A choice to either of these is Andropeyronie.

How to use based on clinical study: JSM

It is easy and discreet – designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. (PubMed)

Andropeyronie: Effective Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Surgical treatment has usually been seen as the most common resolution of peyronie’s illness. Nevertheless, this can frequently bring about a shortening of the penis by as high as 4cm (1.6 Inches) (PubMed).

Nowadays, Physicians are advising Penis extenders which Andropeyronie research studies reveal, can not just minimize penile deviation can additionally enhance both girth and size, while leaving no unattractive Scarring. Doctor in the areas of Urology as well as Andrology are currently recommending different methods of non surgical therapies.

Andropeyronie Effect on Peyronie’s Disease

andropeyronie results

Cosmetic surgeons have been using this approach for skingrafting as well as tissue regrowth for numerous years. Andropeyronie utilizes this identical device. It promotes corpus cavernosum through the concept of grip which results in growth in all cells in the penis. After treatment of 3 to 6 months a lot of individuals confirmed that:

As long as 50% correction of curvature of the penis (PubMed .
An increase of as much as 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) in length after 3 – 6 months of use (JSM = PDF).
Incidentally, users of Andropeyronie in the treatment of Peyronie’s condition have experienced a growth of as much as 0.5 centimeters (0.2 inches) a month (Nature) in their penis dimension. After surgical therapy for Peyronie’s illness the tool has actually also lowered the retraction of the penis in a really efficient fashion.

Medical tests carried out throughout the globe by numerous physicians have actually shown that throughout article surgical treatments that penile retraction can be prevented as a result of utilizing the tool, they are now suggesting Andropeyronie to their patients. Used below clothing without restricting your typical everyday activities Andropeyronie can efficiently deal with Peyronie’s Disease when used to a high level of consistency curvature of the penis can be healed in only a few months whilst remaining distinct as a result permitting you to rest, stand as well as walk with comfort.

Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease

Andropeyronie is a non surgical reliable therapy of peyronie’s condition and also has been recommended by Health specialists in the fields of urology. Along with their recommendations, the degree of affectivity is sustained by four truths:

Safe treatment and also effective outcomes sustained by medical back-up
Worldwide researches offering positive results using scientific analyses
( BSI) The British Criteria Institution accredited Manufacturing standards
Unmatched customer support, overall confidentiality, quality standard
You can acquire Andropeyronie by prescription from a medical professional of phalloplasty or straight from Andromedical. Click BUY to purchase by credit card, cash on distribution, or financial institution transfer Andropeyronie is additionally available using physicians executing phalloplasty. Delivered in white, unmarked boxes, shipping discretion is ensured a multilingual guideline overview is also included.

Andropeyronie is easy to utilize. Should you not experience a correction in the curvature of your penis or a boost in the length of your penis within 60 days, we will certainly be greater than delighted to return your loan.

Peyronie’s Disease Studies

study jsm

Intense Phase Peyronie’s Illness Management with Grip Device: A Nonrandomized Prospective Controlled Test with Ultrasound Correlation

J Sex Med. 2014 Feb;11(2):506-15.
Juan I. Martínez-Salamanca, MD, PhD,* Alejandra Egui, MD,* Ignacio Moncada, MD,**
*Department of Urology, Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda (HUPHM), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain; **Department of Urology, Hospital de la Zarzuela, Madrid, Spain;

Conclusions: Penile traction therapy (PTT) seems an effective treatment for the acute phase (AP) of Peyronie’s disease (PD) in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.

study jsm

Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease. Results of a Phase II Prospective Study

Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association Education and Research Inc., Orlando, USA, 2008. Journal of Sexual Medicine 2009; 6: 558-566.
P. Gontero, MD,(1) M. Di Marco, MD,(2) G. Giubilei, MD,(3) R. Bartoletti, MD, G. Pappagallo, MD, A. Tizzani, MD,(1) and N. Mondaini, MD.
(1)Urology Department, University of Torino, Torino, Italy; (2)Urology Department, Silicato Hospital, Rome, Italy; (3)Urology Clinic, University of Florence, Florence, Italy. 2008.

Verdicts: In our research study population the penile extender generated enhancement in penile curvature of little professional importance but similar to that achieved with other commonly made use of therapy modalities such as intralesional shots. Notably, outcomes were achieved in a selected population with steady disease, a condition where the existing treatment alternatives are less most likely to be efficient. Significant lengthening of the penis both in the drooping as well as in the extended state was additionally tape-recorded.

impotence study

Can an Outside Penis Stretcher Lower Peyronie’s Penile Curvature?

4th annual European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (ESSIR) Conference (Rome, Oct. 2001).
International Journal of Impotence Research (volume 13, sup. 4, Oct-2001).
Scroppo FI., Mancini M., Maggi M.*, Colpi GM.
Andrology Service, Ospedale San Paolo, Milano (Italy). * Andrology Unit, Dip. Fisiopat. Clin., Università di Firenze, Firenze (Italy).
Oct, 2001.

Conclusions: These results suggest an appealing use PS [Andropeyronie Penile Stretcher] in picked Peyronie’s patients affected by penile curvature without erectile dysfunction.

impotence study

Therapy with penile retraction in evolutive Peyronie’s illness with outside penis-stretching

5th Congress of the European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (ESSIR). Hamburg, Germany. December 1-4, 2002.
International Journal of Impotence Research (volume 14, suppl. 4, Dic-2002).
Colpi G.M., Martini P., Scroppo F.I., Mancini M., Nerva F.
Andrology Service, San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Milan, Italy.
Dec, 2002.

Conclusions: Our data reveal that penis stretching works in Peyronie’s illness treatment, especially at the phase of severe penile retraction.

wendy study

Peyronie’s illness – latest therapy optionsion.

Hospital Healthcare Europe 2006/07 (HHE).
Wendy Hurn, Urology Specialist Practitioner.
Bristol Royal Infirmary UK.

Conclusions: The therapy of Peyronie’s Disease will certainly be among option between the client and the professional. For those who can not or will not undergo the surgical choice, the Andropeyronie is a genuine option. It gives the patient autonomy and permits them to take some control of the scenario, while getting positive outcomes. It is very crucial when reviewing the options that this is taken into consideration a reliable and sensible treatment and also the expert will certainly themselves realize the capacity of this device after seeing the favorable effects that it can have on their patients.

SIA study

Conventional therapy in an instance of induratio penis plastica

XXI National Congress of the SIA Regional Sections (Italian Andrology Society) Trieste, Italy, September 23rd-26th, 2004.
G. Piediferro, F.I. Scroppo, F. Castiglioni, R. Benaglia e G.M. Colpi.
Departamental Unit of Andrology – San Paolo Hospital – Polo Uiversitario, Milan, Italy.
Sept, 2004.

Verdicts: The exceptional outcomes attained with the mixed pharmalogical and also physiotherapic therapy of Peyronie’s disease within his energetic phase would certainly should have a multicentric study.

Testimony of professionals


A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile…

Study Made with:


Dr. Paolo Gontero

Urologist, Department of Urology, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.


Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease Management with Traction Device…

Study made with:


Dr. Martínez-Salamanca

Urologist, Department of Urology, Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

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The Peyronie’s illness is a connective tissue condition that affects the tunica albuginea of the penis.

It provides as indurations or plaques, agonizing in the early stage of its evolution, especially with the erection as well as triggering throughout it a curvature of the limb, which in postgraduate degrees prevents or avoids sex. On specific celebrations it is likewise come with by a loss of erection rigidness.

It is a condition of mostly unknown etiology, public health and also nature, although there are documented references to it from extremely ancient times.

Nowadays it is confessed that it is an obtained inflammatory disease1.
Numerous hypotheses attempt to discuss the development of plaques in the penis. The reality that nearly 10% of people impacted by La Peyronie, additionally existing other fibromatoses alterations, such as Dupuytren, plantar fibromatosis as well as fibrosis of the auricular cartilage material, gives rise to the hypothesis of a diffuse collagenosis, maybe with a hereditary basis, or to the presence of immunological variables associated with its pathogenesis.

It has actually likewise been connected to making use of particular drugs, primarily beta-blockers (propanolol as well as metoprolol), additionally with barbiturates, and also despite having infectious agents that would certainly share cross-reactions with the HLA-B75 histocompatibility antigen.

At present, a mixed hypothesis is taking shape, which would include an inadequate action of the tunica albuginea to the traumatisms that could experience and also an unique proneness of particular topics.

Lack of knowledge of natural history prevents elucidating the percentage of instances and the
This is the reason in some subjects the condition advances automatically to recovery without sequelae 6, in others it proceeds and/ or supports and also in others it likewise creates Impotence (ED).

We likewise lack evidence about which medications or other types of therapies, if any type of, are really efficient for the medical treatment of the condition.

In its most serious level, sex can conflict considerably, either by the incurvation that protects against penetration or by the coming with ED. For these instances surgery is scheduled, which is not standard, there are various proposals, all with their advantages and disadvantages.


La Peyronie’s illness was described in a treatise on climaxing problems.
The situation defined corresponded to a subject who due to urethral constriction had an orgasm retrogradely in his bladder.

It provided a sort of “rosary grains” (nodules) that ran throughout the dorsal aspect of the penis as well as made it dorsally incurvate throughout the erection. The author of this interaction was Francoise Gigot de La Peyronie and this is the reason why the disease is referred to as La Peyronie’s illness.

As a matter of fact, it is not the very first recommendation that is constructed from it, given that in 1561 Vesalius and also Fallopius traded communication about a client that sought advice from both to comparison point of views as well as that suffered from a condition that could well be Enf. from La Peyronie.

Prior to these files, there are written insinuations to conditions whose document with La Peyronie’s illness is just conjectural. For instance, in 1267, Theodoric created a chapter on the “tubers” of the penis that differed from the more typical ones called “black growths”. Unlike these, the tubers did not come off as well as triggered a sensation of thickness when the penis distended.

In 1874, Van Buren14 released in the New York Medical Journal a post concerning this condition that makes it known for some time, especially in the U.S.A., as Van Buren’s disease. Lastly, the quality of Francoise Gigot Peyronie is recognized as well as the illness is nowadays recognized by its name, although histopathological terminology can additionally be utilized and also denominated as: “plastic induration of the corpora cavernosa, fibrosclerosis of the penis, coarse cavernositis, spacious sclerosis, sclerosis of the albuginea cavernosa.


There is minimal epidemiological data, from the moment the disease does not
It is threatening to life as well as the subject who experiences it tends to hide it, for the most part out of modesty and also/ or lack of knowledge.

This situation appears to tend to change due in part to the diffusion that an additional pathology of the penis, the ED, is having both in the non-specialized media and in the expert strata Poley in 192816, found an incidence of 4.3 per 100,000 amongst men 20 to 29 years of ages with a top of 66 per 100,000 among men 50 to 59 years old.

The illness mostly impacts men in the 4th to sixth decade of life, 2/3 of those influenced are between 40 as well as 60 years. In the series released by Chilton in 198217, the youngest client was 18 years old and also the oldest was 80.

The number of instances explained in the literature approximately 1966 was 3,40019. The existing number is unidentified and also although not determined, it is approximated that it surpasses that figure extremely unconditionally. All the same, that figure would only show the number of individuals with the disease adequately established to speak with.

Nonetheless, the number of inflammatory disorders in the albuginea or plaques without clinical expression could be a lot greater. There are few data apart from those supplied, such as to estimate the true prevalence of the disease.

Historical perspective

If incest was the reason conjured up in the case of Heraclius, it is not unexpected that the female companion has actually commonly been involved as a cause.

Specifically curious was an American contribution, made public in 1942 by Wesson, who after reviewing commonly the literature to date, goes on to state that benign prostatic hypertrophy can be as a result of the dependency of some young people for long sessions of unresolved sex, which would subject the prostate to a constant state of congestion, which would eventually cause BPH. Conversely,

Others relevant it to “frigidity second to the onset of menopause in women “, which permitted Osler23 to explain why the condition generally appeared after 40 years old.

This position was accepted and protected by Van Buren as well as Keyes, that pointed out that the condition never ever occurred in guys whose companions were “enthusiastically cooperative.”


Gelbard et al. 6 in 1990, attempt an estimation to the natural history of the procedure examining through a set of questions that evaluates pain, curvature of the penis, ability to intercourse, emotional effect, treatment got, level of development and also overall influence of the illness.

The research study included 97 individuals with a duration of the illness in between 3 months and also 8 years. The curvature and ability for sexual intercourse worsens by 40%, while the discomfort does it in 6%. 77% of patients admit an unfavorable emotional effect due to La Peyronie, which improves during follow-up in 28%, does not alter in 36% as well as worsens in 36%. Overall, 13% think that the condition often tends to disappear, 47% think that it does not transform over time as well as 40% believe that the condition progresses progressively.


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7. The Peyronie F. Sur quelques obsta qui s’opposent a l’ejaculation naturelle de la
semence In Mein de l’Acadamie Royale de Chir. New edn. Paris 1743: 425-434.

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11. Murphy LJT: Miscellanea; Peyronie’s disease (fibrous cavernositis). In The History of Urology. 1st edn. Springlfield. Illinois: Charles C Thomas, 1972: 485-486.


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