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Micropenis – Short Penis

“Short penis” or micropenis enhancement can be regarded as a cosmetic issue or as a functional goal, if applied criteria for clinically recognised cases of micropenis. In clinical language, “short penis” cases are more often referred as penile “dysmorphophobia” cases.

A “clinically relevant” short penis is definable as any length smaller than 1.6 inches (4 cm) for the flaccid penis and smaller than 2.75 inches (7 cm) for the erect or stretched penis. In these cases, penile enhancement is often sought after.

What people commonly have in mind when they think of a “short penis” might be different from real clinical cases of micropenis. Short penis or micropenis enhancement can be considered a functional goal if penis size falls below this defined measure.

Any man with a penis larger than 1.6 inches (4 cm) in flaccid state or 2.75 inches (7 cm) in erection state can consider themselves to have a penis big enough to perform. Nevertheless, the main aim of our medical enhancement devices and techniques is to increase their patients’ confidence and self-esteem regarding their sexual relations, not to increase the size and get a bigger size by itself.

Therefore, our medical extenders are useful for micropenis and short penis cases, but also for men who think that their sexual life would improve with this kind of medical devices (clinical studies).

Scientific studies support the safety and efficacy of using the Andropenis Mini extender in short penis cases as a feasible non-invasive, penile augmentation treatment, hence making it the first-line treatment option in men seeking penile lengthening.

Most clinically relevant “short penis” cases are due to low levels of testosterone, a growth hormone deficiency or by genetic syndromes. If this is the situation, consult a doctor in order to boost the potential and effective results of using our medical stretchers.

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study impotence

Enlargement of Penis in Patients With Hypogonadism Complex Approach to the Clinical Practice

10th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine. November 25-28, 2007.
M.M. Sokolschik, R.Y. Petrovich, S.V. Gagarina, Ya.A. Vaziev, I.V. Sadakova

Conclusions: After penis enlargement many patients with hypogonadism had an improvement of the social and professional functioning level that reflected in the expansion of social contacts range on the basis of a rising self-rating. The results received after use of conservative penis enlargement allow us to judge the efficiency of hormone replacement therapy in combination with the Andropenis extender.

Increasing of sexual confidence based on clinical study: PubMed

Get great results with a high quality medical device (PubMed)

Testimony of professionals


A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile…

Study Made with:


Dr. Paolo Gontero

Urologist, Department of Urology, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.


Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease Management with Traction Device…

Study made with:


Dr. Martínez-Salamanca

Urologist, Department of Urology, Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

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  1. penis, at your pelvis


A huge problem we see is that people do not determine their size appropriately. This guide aims to fix that problem by informing you appropriate determining techniques to accomplish exact as well as constant length and also girth measurements.

Ever asked yourself how huge you really are? Intend to contrast to various other guys to see if you’re bigger? After that you remain in the ideal location. Many men do not also measure effectively, as well as they do not truly understand if they’re above, at, or below average. Here, you’re mosting likely to learn just how to appropriately determine your penis size.

First things first: Recognizing Temperature. I’ll keep this concise. Just keep in mind that temperature affects blood circulation to the penis. This can be summarized in 2 points:

Cold temperature level restricts blood circulation to the penis (vasoconstriction).
while warm to heat improves blood circulation to your penis (vasodilation).
You’ll discover in warm-hot weather, your penis will certainly hang lower. The takeaway is to that each time you gauge, attempt to make sure the temperature level is the same for every dimension. This will considerably enhance the uniformity of your dimensions over time.

Flaccid vs. Erect.
Without drawing on your penis, there are three “natural” states that vary from minimal dimension to made the most of size.

The Zero-Blood Flaccid State– This state is your minimum size. It goes to the edge of becoming smaller than typical if you experience shrinkage.
The Fully-Hung Flaccid States– This state is when you’re at your optimum drooping size.
There suffices blood to expand your penis out such that it hangs as reduced as possible, right before it begins to increase and come to be a semi-erection.
The 100% Set Up State– Pretty self-explanatory. This is when you have a rock-hard erection. You can not obtain any bigger. Blood flow in your penis goes to maximum.
Maintain these states in mind when you take your measurements. Ok, allowed’s get involved in the initial dimension. The Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length (BPFL) Measurement This is a dimension method that you can do practically at any time.

You will require your ruler with you. Right here are the steps to do it.

Grasp the glans of your penis.
Draw it as much outside as you can (without harming on your own).
Locate the bone at the left or right of the base of your penis, at your pelvis.
Take your leader and press the edge of it versus that bone.
With your penis still stretched out, line up your penis beside your leader keeping both leader and also penis totally alongside each various other.
Measure by tracing the tip of your penis to the proper mark on the leader to obtain your dimension.
Remember, you wish to constantly make use of the same bone and also the exact same spot to push the leader against. This pelvic bone location is ideal because it’s difficult as well as not mosting likely to move anywhere. It’s best for consistency.

Another thing you do not want to do is to angle your penis towards the leader. Remember: keep your stretched penis parallel with the ruler. This will certainly guarantee that you always gauge consistently. Since we understand the Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length Dimension method, let’s go on to the Bone-Pressed Erect Size Measurement technique.

The Bone-Pressed Erect Size Dimension.
This set is very similar to the Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length Measurement. The only difference is that your penis remains in its fully-erect, maximum erection state.

Obtain your penis to the 100% Put Up State (though visual or physical excitement).
Find the bone at the left or right of the base of your penis, at your pelvis.
Take your leader as well as press the side of it against that bone.
Angle and also stable your erect penis so that it’s totally alongside the ruler.
Procedure by tracing the idea of your penis to the proper mark on the leader to get your BPEL dimension.
ANDROPENIS GOLD  In fact, it’s most likely the most effective one out of the old-fashioned extenders. One thing we will certainly state is that the noose system is possibly one of the most comfortable out of the pole extenders. arts and also Material Quality.

ANDROPENIS is made out of a high quality steel for the rods. The white plasic parts that compose the frame of the extender are respectable. The springs are additionally top quality.

Like all springs, they will ultimately break so a replacement may be reuiqred. Why would certainly you want to utilize a drawing extender rather? A huge advantage of drawing penis extender s is that they can be put on underneath any kind of pants without being spotted.

There are two metal rods that run along the sides that expand the penis. Longer rods and also springtimes are set up when you wish to change the amount of force applied to your penis.

To place it on, you:

Set the preferred extending pressure by picking the correct rod and also springtime size.
Put your flaccid penis inside the device.
Clamp your penis down at the glans with the noose.
Put your underwear as well as trousers on over the gadget.
Extender quality is necessary.
Is Delivery Discreet? Yes. This is normally the situation for all the extender companies.

They all know that you do not want your household, good friends, or roommates to understand you are purchasing a penis augmentation tool. That means that the penis enlargement device is not created on the bundle, but rather their parent company. Because of this, you can anticipate your shipment to look perfectly common.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Can I wear them under my trousers? Solution: Depends on which extender you purchase. Some are better at this than various other.

Are extenders safe? Response: Yes. When made use of correctly. For how long do I need to use it every day? Answer: You ought to use it for 6 hours every day.

Are extender results long lasting? Answer: Yes, they will certainly last for life. The length of time until I see outcomes? Solution: Many users report that it just takes a couple weeks to begin seeing results.

For how long should I put on a penis extender every day? Response: We recommend between 3– 6 hrs overall, each day. Will both flaccid and set up length increase? Solution: Yes, both will enhance.

If I stop using a penis extender, will I lose my gains? Response: No. The penis extender raises the overall number of penile cells to ensure that included mass will stay sturdy.

Can I put on a penis extender in bed? Response: Yes, if it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. Can penis extenders include girth gains? Answer: Yes, to a little level. The large nature of the extender additionally extends the penis outward.

Will using a penis extender provide me weaker erections? Answer: No, as a matter of fact, a lot of individuals report tougher, fuller erections. Just how old do I need to be to utilize a penis extender? Answer: You have to be at least over 18 years of age.

Why? andropenis. Extending is not the only thing that in fact contributes to the real development of the penis. It’s what triggers the growth to happen. What really grows the penis is when more penis cell tissue actually starts to show up because of cell hyperplasia.

Now, if you extend say for the majority of the day (greater than 8 hrs), you’re not offering your body time to actually develop back the tissue via hyperplasia. To put it simply, you’re not letting the cells doesn’t develop itself up larger as well as more powerful than in the past.

Anthropometric Research of the Penis

One of the most remote recommendations in research studies of this type is that of Loeb in 18991 in Germany. Nonetheless, just appears the length in flaccidity, in 50 individuals, for whom he aimed approximately 9.5 centimeters.

Schoenfeld and Beebe in 1942, USA2, whose job was targeted at establishing the dimensions that allowed the diagnosis of micropenis (microphallus) when making the dimension making use of the method of “drawing” or “stretching” (extended), got an ordinary size of 13.02 centimeters. in 54 people in whom the maneuver was performed 3 times in each. He did not get in information in flaccidity or erection.

A following reference is that of the renowned sexologist Alfred Kinsey -UNITED STATES- who made the initial research studies on various facets of sex-related actions on a big analytical scale which midway with the century was just one of the bases for the gestation of the Sexual Revolution of the 60s and also 70s. In the Kinsey Report of 19483, later evaluated by Jamison and also Gebhard in 19884, 2770 males are pointed out with approximately 9.7 cms. in flaccidity as well as 15.5 in erection. The study is weak and also biased because a complimentary approach was made use of since each respondent supplied their very own information.

According to the study performed in the John Hopkins in 1980 by Lee et al. 5 the average size in the adult penis when utilizing the strategy of noting ranges 12 as well as 14 centimeters. for the grown-up, as it shows up in the nomogram made from birth to 22 years (See layout No. 2). The objective below was to specify measures for the diagnosis of micropenis from the newborn to the grownup wherefore they discovered suitable the aforementioned technique strechted or Jalonamiento.

A lot more recent references such as Bondil6 in 905 individuals report an average of 10.7 cms. in flaccidity as well as 16.7 cms. with the “stretched”, and also the action in erection. The value of this research study is in developing the relationship flaccidity-marking.

Da Ros in Brazil in 19947 in 150 men offers an average in erection of 14.5 cms. in effective White people as well as pleased with the size of their penis. Study performed after IIC of Papaverina combination 50 mgr. as well as PGE1 10 mcgr. determining only in erection, due to the fact that the writer alerts that he has no confidence in the measurements in flaccidity.

Wessells et al. in 1996-97 8.9 they studied in the U.S.A. 80 guys getting averages in 3 measurements: flaccidity: 8.8 cms., illustration: 12.4 cms. and erection: 12.8 cms.The purpose of this study was to establish when an intervention for extending or enlarging can be indicated in order to end that this sort of operation does not have a long-term feedback in the functional facet so that in some cases the cosmetic is attained – just in flaccidity as it is obvious- in conclusion that could be validated in those who have much less than 4 centimeters. in flaccidity or much less than 7.5 cms. with the sticking or in erection. For dimension in erection, they used PGE1 as well as in many cases Trimix, in individuals with erective disorder (ED). They hypothesize that their reduced standards result from the reality that the series consisted of only individuals with ED and also older age, both situations that they describe as a source of reduced cells flexibility as well as a result of overall size. Therefore, 80 patients were divided right into those under 40 and those over 40 years old (they do not clear up the amount of in each team) and also they point out a distinction of 9.6 centimeters. and also 8.6 centimeters. for flaccidity as well as 13.3 cms. as well as 12.2 centimeters. for the drawing, respectively. The boost in size was greater in those under 40 years (4.6 centimeters.) Because for those over 40 it was 3.9 cms. The length in erection was of approximately 14.2 cms. for those under 40 and also 12.5 centimeters. for those over 40 years of ages.

Moncada et al. in Madrid, 1997 10 researched 29 men in order to develop the partnership in between the geometry of the penis (length-diameter) in flaccidity, as the anticipating action of the quantity of intracavernous stress called for or required to acquire sufficient erection rigidness. The ordinary data for flaccidity was 12.3 cms. (more or less 2.1).
Masters as well as Johnson11 3 years ago verified that there is no straight symmetrical partnership between dimensions of the penis in flaccidity and in erection. They mention that this is much more noticeable if they contrast Caucasian with black, given that the previous have more elastic materials than the last.

Wessellls and McAninch point out that when the drooping penis is taken into consideration “brief” or “small” (less than 9.5 centimeters.) Or “lengthy” or “big” (greater than 10.0 cm.) There is no significant analytical difference in the increase in the size between both teams (average of 3.9 vs. 4.0 cm) when put up. For it had actually constantly been insisted that “little” penises were much less most likely to increase when set up. According to this study it ended up being similar in what describes the increase of flaccidity to the erection.

It is striking that of the studies pointed out (Table 8) just both of Wessells 8,9 provide sufficient information (number, ordinary age, flaccidity, drawing, erection). The others are partial and in the bigger series the patients reported the information, a method that does not make them dependable. In the Ros series, it is about potent individuals pleased with their genital areas and also the average erection data is 14.5 cm., When in our series the ordinary data is 14.0 in people with SD and also of better age range.

In our collection -if we mark down a couple of millimeters- it accompanies one of the most full one -which is that of Wessells- in the standard of the information of flaccidity, along with in ball game and erection.

Our series is considered enough in number as well as high quality of data compared to those that have actually been strict in developing the suggested parameters, such as those of Schoenfeld in 54 situations 2, that of Ros in 150 situations 7 which of Wessells in 80 instances 8,9.

The information gotten in Flacidez I are rather listed below those supplied by other authors. However if you take the information of Flacidez II then they are similar, or probably slightly greater. The difference of measurements between Flacc. I and also II provides the “bed mattress” of prepubic fat, which raises with age or fatness. This difference called by Wessells “the functional distinction” is real and also disappears with the specific resting or put up. Consequently, and the high relationship acquired in our research (0.86 ), is that we recommend the dimension technique that we call Flaccidity II as actual and also appropriate in daily method and also in research studies.

If we take the landmark data, our results agree with those of the other writers, except for Bondil’s, which in turn looks overstated in connection with the others.
If you take the information in erection (except Kinsey’s information whose noticeable bias disqualifies it) ours resembles the remainder of the authors.

When the information of Flacidez II is divided into both teams proposed by Wessells in less than 9.5 centimeters. (” Tiny”) and greater than 10.0 centimeters. (” Large”), the outcome of the increase is similar (3.5 centimeters.). And also as for the final length, the standard pertains to 2 centimeters. higher for the “huge ones”, in regard to the one of “little ones”. Which is rational if we rely on the reality that the rise is similar in both teams. Which, additionally, the last evaluation of each of the parameters of the 130 instances confirmed. The increment standards between flacc. as well as erecc. in each of these groups, for Wessells they were somewhat larger: 3.9 centimeters. and also 4.0 cms. respectively for the “children” and the “big ones”, when ours was 3.57 and also 3.41 centimeters. specifically. The difference is less than 0.5 cms., Which in method does not represent a significant figure. The truth of passion here is that “tiny” as well as “large” penises have a similar typical rise in order to reach erection.

No research studies associated with anthropological parameters such as those recommended by us have actually been located. The outcome here is clear: the penis, both in flaccidity and in erection, has a low correlation with height, as well as with the dimension of the hand or foot (correlation that is only in between a quarter as well as a third of the cases). In this feeling, popular beliefs are located, although those that connect them proportionally are more regular, and also which, of course, according to the results of our research study, have no scientific basis.

Final thoughts

For practical functions it is suggested to gauge the penis in flaccidity with the technique known as Flacidez II.
The division right into two groups: under 9.5 centimeters. and greater than 10.0 cm., adhering to the idea of Wessells for measurement in flaccidity, it is possible to deduce that the average rise of this erection is comparable in both groups (3.5 centimeters) as well as additionally similar to that located by the writers who have occupied with this aspect.
The method of attracting allows a rather approximate suggestion (connection of 0.84) of what the erection will be.
The ordinary erection (14 centimeters.) In the group researched synchronizes closely with that said of authors who have complied with an approach that we think about appropriate.
The statement by Masters and Johnson that there is no direct proportional relationship between the dimension of the penis in flaccidity as well as what will certainly remain in erection, is a relative reality and probably if the group thought about is not ethnically similar. Well, according to the results of the present research the rise in the direction of erection coincides in the “tiny” penises that in the “big” penises and consequently in this sense there is no downside in the opportunity of its increase in the direction of the erection for the “tiny” penises” However because the increase is comparable in both teams, the last difference in length is still higher for “huge” penises. What is true in a comparable ethnic team as in our research. It would be needed to validate what can take place in the contrast of this price of rises in the various ethnic teams, facet not considered in our series.
The connection of the penis in both flaccidity and also erection with height and dimension of hands and also feet is quite reduced and consequently not considerable.


t und tripperspritzen – Munch. Med. Wchnschr. – 1899; 46: 1016
2. Schonfeld WA, Beebe GW – Normal Growth and variation in the male genitalia from birth to maturity – J. Urol. 1942; 48: 759-777.
3. Kinsey AC – Sexual behavior in the human male – Ed. W.B. Saunders, Co. Philadelphia, 1948
4. Jamison PL, Gebhard PH: – Penis size increase bettween flaccid and erect state: an analysis of the Kinsey data – J. Sex. Res. 1988; 24: 177-183.
5. Lee, P-A., Mazur, J., Danish, R., Amrhein, J., Blizzard, R.M., Money, J., Migeon, C.J. Micropenis I. criteria, etiologies and classification. Johns Hopkins Med. J., 1980; 146: 156.
6. Bondil B, Costa P, Daures JP et al. – Clinical study of the longitudinal deformation of the flaccid penis and its variations with aging – Eur. Urol. 1992; 21: 284: 286.
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10. Moncada I, et al. Clinical value of measuring flaccid penile diameter / length ratio as a predictor of the intracavernosal pressure required for rigidity – J. Urol., 1997; 157: 177, Abstr. 691
11. Masters W, Johnson V Human Sexual response Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1996

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