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Androclamp is designed to help men manage their incontinence. It is a simple and easy to use clamp made of plastic, with soft comfortable covering that comes into contact with the penis. It fits comfortably over the penis and is held in place by the memory of the clamp itself.

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How it works
Androclamp works by blocking the urethra (the tube on the un­derside of the penis that urine flows through).

How to use Androclamp?
1. Grasp the head of the penis and pull straight it out from the body. This will guide the placement of the Androclamp.
2. Place the handles of Androclamp between the thumb and forefinger and push to open Androclamp wide enough to place it around the penis. Place your penis completely inside, snuggly against the back of Andro­clamp. Be sure that the spring pad on the inside of Androclamp is resting on the underside of your penis, pressing firmly against the urethra.
3. Place Androclamp about mid-shaft on the penis for the best results.
4. To urinate while wearing Androclamp, push the handles together, opening the clamp wide enough to un-block the urethra. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, release the handles and Androclamp will be correctly in place.
5. To remove Androclamp simply push the handles together, opening the clamp wide enough to slip it off.

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