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Vacuum erection therapy to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Erection Pump Indications

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1.Sexual Fitness

The penis is a cylindrical organ with combined erection chambers named the corpus cavernosa. These erection chambers are filled with spongy, tissue through which the blood vessels traverse. When there is increased blood flow into the tissues muscles contract to store blood within the spongy layers, there is an rise in pressure and also the penis creates an erection.

Those that have sexual impotence, have problems boosting blood to the penis for long period of time or can’t get an erection at all. A prolonged erection problem can lead to shrinkage of the penile tissues and a reduction in penile circulation (non-use atrophy). Regular use of the Androvacuum erection pump will duplicate benefits of nocturnal erections, reversing penis shrinkage, reconditioning penile circulation and promoting a return to a healthy penis.

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2.Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence is the lack of ability to acquire or keep an erection firm sufficient for infiltration and also intercourse. There are many causes varying from stress and anxiety or mental issues to physical as well as medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, excess alcohol or various other chemical abuse, cigarette smoking, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and also some prescription medications. It’s vital to know it can be treated with such tools as a penis pump.

Erectile dysfunction can be discouraging and stressful. Androvacuum is a safe, effective and affordable treatment for this frustrating problem and provides results in seconds. Said safety and effectiveness is endorsed with various scientific studies.

2.1Combined Use With Oral Medication

Androvacuum can be made use of in combination with dental representatives (medicine) for impotence and also help individuals that deal with it by:

Lowering the dose of oral agents needed to produce an erection
Reducing a dental representative’s side effects
Staying clear of oral agent’s inconveniences such as needing to prepare intercourse in advance

Safe therapy

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American Urological Association

“Men with erectile dysfunction should be informed regarding the treatment option of a vacuum erection device (VED)”

European Association of Urology

“Published data report that efficacy of vacuum erection devices, in terms of erections satisfactory for intercourse, is as high as 90%”

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When to use a vacuum pump?

The ADAM test is a 1-minute test to check Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.


1. Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?


2. Do you have a lack of energy?


3. Do you have a decrease in strength and endurance?


4. Have you lost height?


5. Have you noticed a decreased “enjoyment of life”?


6. Are you sad and/or grumpy?


7. Are your erections weaker?


8. Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?


9. Are you falling asleep after dinner?


10. Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?

If you have answered “Yes” to question 1 or question 7, or at least three of the other questions, you may have low testosterone levels and should speak to your doctor or nurse about checking them. Achieve a professional and effective solution for these issues with the Androvacuum penis pump and Andropharma supplements.

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Testimonials and product reviews

“The preliminary observations presented and published support the efficacy and safety of penile traction devices (such as the Andropenis)” Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, Urology Professor at the University of New Orleans, USA.

After a prostate operation, I did a penile rehabilitation with Androsurgery to avoid the side effects of the surgery. Thank you for the recommendation.” Karl, Germany.

“This device represents one of the most important advances in the medical field if we consider the effectiveness of Andropenis”. Dr. Ignacio Moncada, Chief of the Urology Unit at Zarzuela Hospital, Spain.

“Since I have heart problems, I can’t use drugs to get an erection. My urologist recommended me to use the vacuum pump. Now I can easily thanks to Androvacuum.” Giovanni, Italy.

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Libido booster supplements

Healthy and balanced sex-related libido or sex drive plays a crucial role in men’s sexual relations. After comprehensive study and also several renovations over the years we offer our 3rd generation formula Andropharma Vigor pills targeted at increasing libido and also enhancing sex-related performance by raising testosterone manufacturing and improving blood flow in the penis.

Andropharma Vigor supplements help increase libido as well as boost sexual desire of men. Several active ingredients such as maca, damiana and zinc promote testosterone production or this hormonal agent’s task and provide strength to the entire body. Testosterone is a key element for the guys’s sexual advancement. It additionally boosts the maturation of spermatozoid and influences seminal fluid features such as mobility.

How to check your testosterone levels.
The only way to do this is to obtain a blood test. Just most likely to your physician and request a blood examination. These are routine and generally covererd by insurance coverage strategies.

As a matter of fact, it’s very suggested to obtain a blood test at least annually. Not just that, however it will certainly reveal other important metrics as well as your testosterone level. The blood examination ought to be quick– the nurse sticks a needle in your arm and also attracts multiple vials of blood. The testosterone level number is reported by the lab after they evaluate your blood example.

To conclude
Raising your testosterone naturally is very possible to do merely by making sure lifestyle modifications. All these methods discussed over also have actually hidden advantages: They also enhance your general health.

Paradoxical huh? The important things they showed you in school were in fact useful in more means than initially expected!

Since your body naturally generates much less testosterone as you age (for many guys around age 40), it’s definitely essential that you get into practice of a dependable lifestyle that will supply you with testosterone for the rest of your life.

If you’re brand-new to managing your testosterone, the single ideal point you can do now is to see a doctor for a blood examination to get your testosterone degrees checked. That way you’ll instantly know if you’re deficient and also require to start taking action now.

Nowadays, it seems as though whenever you activate the TELEVISION or open up a magazine, there is an advertisement for a various supplement that apparently will assist improve male sexual performance. While some male efficiency enhancement tablets may quite possibly provide some benefit, there is an additional remedy for enhancing your efficiency in the room– eating the appropriate foods.

Whether your goal is to boost your sex drive, treatment impotence, or improve the mobility of your sperm, it is necessary to make sure that your diet regimen consists of the best foods to sustain ideal sex-related wellness.

1. Walnuts
Walnuts may not sound that interesting, but if you make a practice of consuming them on a regular basis, you may just find that they enliven your lovemaking. Along with enhancing sperm mobility and vitality, walnuts have also been associated with boosting the wellness of capillary, which can decrease the opportunity of heart disease along with impotence. Additionally, walnuts are abundant in ALA, magnesium, and also anti-oxidants, which are additionally required for sustaining peak sexual efficiency.

2. Watermelon
Did you know that of one of the most rejuvenating foods of summertime is in fact among the most effective foods for peak male sex-related efficiency? It’s true. Watermelon is chock full of a substance referred to as citrulline, which might have the ability to help in improving troubles with erectile dysfunction. This can be particularly real if your ED issues relate to hypertension. This is since citrulline is changed right into arginine, which is understood to raise the all-natural manufacturing of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is in charge of enhancing the flow of blood to muscle tissue, consisting of the male genitals.

3. Chocolate
It’s obvious that ladies like chocolate, but men ought to as well. Research studies have revealed that dark delicious chocolate offers a number of cardio advantages, consisting of improving flow, which can assist with boosting the flow of blood to a male’s genitalia, thus enhancing a male’s capability to get an erection. Additionally, delicious chocolate may additionally assist boost endorphin and serotonin degrees. So, proceed. Delight in some chocolate without really feeling guilty. It could simply assist your evening be more enchanting.

4. Leafy Greens.
Below’s another reason to ensure you eat your veggies– doing so could assist boost your sexual efficiency. This is since leafed environment-friendlies have a riches of nutrients, including magnesium. Among the great advantages of magnesium is that it is able to expand capillary. You could not understand it, but that’s primarily what those little blue tablets do– boost the circulation of blood to the male genitalia in order to attain a much better erection. So, the following time you’re buying supper on date evening, make certain you pack up on Brussel sprouts, kale, Swiss chard, as well as spinach. Doing so is a whole lot cheaper than a prescription for Viagra.

5. Peaches.
Peaches contain big amounts of Vitamin C, which is important for the support of healthy and balanced sperm mobility. Even better, huge dosages of Vitamin C have actually been discovered to reduced cortisol, known as the tension hormone. It is not unusual for both testosterone and cortisol to come to be unbalanced. When a male’s cortisol degrees are high and also testosterone degrees are reduced, it just stands to reason that he might experience issues with sex-related performance. Eating peaches can help balance out those levels, which can aid you execute better.

Improving your sex-related efficiency could be as straightforward as loading up on the appropriate foods.

Focus, examined the user handbook very carefully in addition to totally before using the medical suction tool for the penis.
Medical signs:
For people who in some cases get an erection however in demanding situations or prior to a sexual companion they have problem getting a tumescent erection or called for to do sexual relations.
For males that have a moderate or moderate erection.
For guys that comfortably reach the erection yet have difficulty in maintaining it.
Etiology of impotence
A penis air pump is a cyndrical tube created tube that fits strongly over the penis. It does not leave any type of kind of air within and it is what inner air is removed by the pump. The stress generated by the air pump stretches the internal mushy cells that full of blood when you acquire an erection.

Having an absence of erection or premature climaxing can harm your confidence. It is revealed that guys that have an outstanding penis firmness along with endurance, indulge in greater self-esteem as well as this is viewed by their possible sex-related partners even before making love. Self-respect is a difficult emotional variable to handle. With these pumps, self-respect boosts rapidly, as a result of the fact that their results are VISIBLE from the initial min.
Originally, repair the pump with the plastic ring, which need to be lubed with a water-based gel. Afterwards, placed the penis, by means of this ring, into the cyndrical tube, and additionally begin pumping to enable the air out. This way, with the designer you will definitely enhance erections and a slight increase in the penis. Using the pump can be an effective ways to deal with the problems of erection as well as additionally early climaxing.
Tips for use:
We extremely advise utilizing a water-based lubricating substance.
Throughout usage, hold the pump securely, keeping it close to the body.
Stop on time Remember that you can not pump indefinitely. Objective can cause injuries, by exploding your vein. Never ever exceed 20 mins as well as acknowledge any sort of change in shade (violaceous, velvety tinted) or a/c of the penis.
There is a wide range of brief articles for this objective, varying in vogue and measurements, it is only a matter of choosing the one that finest fits your needs.

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