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Penis Enlargers Safety

Because we believe that a penis enlargement extender should not only be effective but also safe, we conducted scientific tests to verify that the materials used are not harmful for human use.

Indeed, a manufacturer must check whether the materials used can cause unwanted skin reactions. At Andromedical we have done this.

Driven by the desire for transparency, Andromedical is one of the few companies on the market that has made ​​all clinical tests done on its penis enlargers public. It is a proof of reliability, performance and security towards our customers.

Below you can find a brief description of what these tests are:



Cytotoxicity – a standardized test that is a very sensitive way to determine if the materials in that of a medical device contain any harmful components that can leak into the body or its cells.



Hypersensitivity – Sensitization or hypersensitivity tests test for adverse reactions in the body by exposing the skin to the product or taking extracts from the products or its component materials and injecting and/or topically applying them to check for reactions. Sensitization reactions are noted by observing redness and swelling as components interact with the body’s immune system.



Skin Irritation – Skin Irritation tests test the reaction to a single, repeated or continual exposure from device materials that may produce skin, mucosal, or eye irritation- a local tissue response characterization by the usual signs of inflammation- redness, and swelling, and could be accompanied by heat and pain. Different from sensitization in that it does not involve the immunological mechanism.

Contraindications to use: Always consult your doctor before using the products if you suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, genital herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, urethritis and acute cystitis, acute prostatitis, abdominal hernia, dermatitis, testicular cancer, lymphatic cancer, lymphoma, paraplegics and quadriplegics. Also, before executing treatments or for a diagnosis of any medical condition, consultation with a licensed health care professional is strongly recommended.

Testimony of professionals

“A variety of studies concerning penile enlargement, rectification of penile curvatures (Peyronie’s disease) and penile postoperative… “

Dr. Li Zheng

Andrological Surgery Consultant at Shanghai Renji Hospital, China

“Dr. Jamal Salhi has been recommending the use of Andropenis for a long time in post-operatory therapies for penile surgical…”

Dr. Jamal Salhí

Andrological Surgery Consultant at San Pietro, Rome and Amman Urological Clinic (Jordan

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Will the enlargement procedure negatively affect my ability to get an erection?

No, in fact some users feel their erections get stronger due to the increased cell activity and blood flow from the treatment.

Is penile traction therapy with ANDROPENIS Penis Extenders painful?

No. ANDROMEDICAL manufacturers the most customizable and comfortable penis extender possible. If you experience any discomfort you can always adjust your device tension or configuration after a short break.

Can the ANDROPENIS Extender be worn at work and while you sleep?

If you generally sleep on your back or side you should have no difficulty wearing the ANDROPENIS Extender while sleeping. However due to the fact the average male experiences erection during sleep, it is not recommended.

Will the girth decrease, stay the same or increase?

Due to the general tissue expansion, the girth increases as well as the length.

Can the ANDROPENIS Extender be worn underneath clothing without being noticed in public or at work?

Yes, if you clothes are loose enough, the ANDROPENIS Extender can be worn anytime you are not performing any kind of strenuous activity.

Can the treatment go on for as long as I want, and will I keep getting results?

The Penis Enlargement process will continue as the treatment persists. However you will eventually reach a threshold where it will no longer continue to elongate. Studies show results are permanent.

Does the use of the ANDROPENIS Extender require medical experience or the help of a Doctor?
No, the ANDROPENIS Extender comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual . It does not require medical consultation.
However many doctors across the globe prescribe penile traction therapy to their patients as a non-surgical alternative for treating micro-penis and curvature.

Does the ANDROPENIS Extender require a minimum length or thickness of the penis?

All ANDROPENIS devices are made to fit any length as low as 1 inch with the aAndropenis Mini Support . With the Wide Girth Base, all andropenis devices can fit any girth up to 6 inches!

Are there any negative side effects?

No . there are no negative side effects to penis enlargement or straightening with an ANDROPENIS device. It does not affect erection quality, ability to urinate or fertility in any negative fashion.

What happens in case of an erection while the ANDROPENIS Labs Penis Extender is worn?

If you experience an erection while wearing the device, you may need to readjust the configuration after your erection in order to continue.

Do I have to follow a fixed treatment pattern?

No, you can wear the ANDROPENIS Extender as you please. The results depend only on the total amount of hours worn, the amount of traction applied, and the patient’s diet.

Does the ANDROPEYRONIE Extender help in case of a curved penis?

Yes! The ANDROPEYRONIE Extender has proved efficient in straightening the penis and helping penile curvature and those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

Are ANDROPENIS Extender devices backed by any kind of manufacturers warranty?

Yes, like most high quality products, all ANDROPENIS Extenders are backed by a manufacturers warranty. This ensures that the device you are getting is the highest quality possible.

Should you experience any issues with any item in your package within the span of the warranty, simply contact us, and we will send you a replacement.

Do I recommend ANDROPENIS to others?

Yes, the it is a solid product which deliver great results that you can enjoy the rest of your life! Join the 1000’s of men who use it today and start your journey to a larger penis now.

Why did I pick the ANDROPENIS extender?

This is a very good question when you consider the huge amount of different penis extenders that are available. The main reason was the comfort system, that is among the absolute best (if not the best) of all penis extenders.

Why is a good comfort ANDROKIT system so important? The two most important things about how effective a penis extender is:

How long time you wear the device And how much tension you have on it. A good comfort system is important to both of them and that’s why good comfort is the single most important feature of a penis extender.

How does it work?

You are basically pulling your penis longer when you use a penis extender. The pulling force will promote cell division in your penis tissue hence making it both longer and wider. Cell division is a very slow process and that’s why it’s important to use the extender for as long time as posible.

What is a penis extender?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, penis extenders are devices that are used to increase the length of the penis . Among all methods of penis enlargement available, the use of extenders is considered to be the most effective and safest way to increase your penis size and girth.

It was originaly designed to be used after a penis enlargement surgery to maintain the increased penis size. But it ended up enlarging the penis even more. There was a large clinical trial carried out to determin how effective it was. And it turned out to be a very good way to enlarge a penis without surgery.

How Does a Penis Extender Work?

A penis extender is a very simpel device that will stretch your penis — That will force celldivisions thereby increasing the size of your penis.

How do I use an extender?

Most penis extenders are almost identical and you can use my guide below, but always make sure you check the manuel for your extender before using it.

What results can I expect from a Penis Extender?

The results you may get from using a penis extender depends on the amount of time you use it. The more you use it the greater the results, you should wear the extender for 4–8 hours per day. If you do that for 1 year the average results looks like this:

  • 28% longer penis    19% thicker penis  For an example — If you start with a 5 inch (12.7cm) long penis you will end up with a 6.4 inch (16.2cm) long penis.

Besides the size gains you will also be able to enjoy: Improved erection quality , Helps straighten a curved/bent penis, Noninvasive penis enlargement

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Penis extenders are considered one of the safest way to enlarge your penis . The only “safer” way is penis exercises.  But that’s the absolute slowest way to enlarge your penis.

Here are a few tips on safety. Always read the manual before using an extender!

Try to assemple and disassemple your extender before using it the first time. Just to get comfortable with your device. Take it slow in the beginning . Use the lowest traction force the first week and add traction each week. Remeber .  It should never hurt! Try reducing the traction force and try it again.

  • ONLY ANDROPENIS has the WAY ULTIMATE ANDRO-comfort System.
    “2 way system”… who cares about those inferior products? . Don’t end up suffering because you can’t get the perfect comfort you need. Remember.
  • YOU have to wear your penis extender and if you don’t feel totally comfortable. You’ll never use it. Every device comes with 2 unique head pieces with multiple ways of fitting the device!
  • ANDROPENIS uses the ONLY clinically proven method and our device offers a perfect grams of tension.
    What does more tension mean? . You’ll gain extra inches to your penis FASTER and SAFER than with any other penis enlargement device. Perfect tension means maximum results! Read more about the method here.
  • ANDROPENIS has advanced comfort plasters to give you MAXIMUM comfort.
    We teamed up with globally trusted health care leaders. And took advantage of their innovative technologies to develop our UNIQUE advanced comfort plasters.
  • Worn under your device to prevent rubbing and slippage. These specially designed plasters will make your ANDROPENIS experience so comfortable you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it!
  • ANDROPENIS has an AUTHENTIC medical device certificate, The original ANDROPENIS (20 years) is the only FDA Approved and patented penis extender device sold in the US.
    Some other sites are using crafty wording to get around this. Don’t fall for it. ASK THEM to show you THEIR medical device certificate. One particular company has been in hot water with the authorities for fraudulently claiming their penis extender has a medical device certificate. It DIDN’T.
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