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This Penis stretcher is a US patented penile traction device with comfortable tech. It is FDA approved  penis growth

A medical effective method to enlarge the penis (PubMed)

Penis Enlargement Methods

Andromedical extenders have been designed to meet real needs of the social and intimate lives of our customers. Because the situations or reasons are many, the solutions must be as well. Indeed, many customers contact us because they feel that their length in erection is not sufficient. Others on the contrary because its flaccid size caused a complex in some public nudity situations or because they suffer from micropenis.

We can now say that the goal has been accomplished since our range extenders for penis growth offers a response to these concerns, complex or medical conditions of concern of our customers. With the Andromedical extender it is possible to increase the penis in erection and flaccidity, both in length and girth.

At Andromedical, as we like to prove our arguments with scientific evidence, we will not just give mere growth figures; we let scientific studies with real subjects unveil the results that can be obtained with our extenders.

BJUI study about andromedical

In the scientific study of the Hospital SGB of the University of Turin (Italy) conducted by Dr. Gontero and published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in 2008 the conclusions were “In conclusion, the penile extender device provides an acceptable, minimally invasive method that can produce an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and in the stretched state.” You can watch the abstract study in PDF (the US National Library of Medicine) and the whole study in the medical magazine BJUI.

In the scientific study of the Hospital GM of the University of Madrid (Spain) conducted by Dr. Moncada and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) in 2005 the conclusions were “Sustained treatment for 4 months with the penile stretching device provided an increase from 1 to 4 cms (JSM = PDF) and an increase in girth of 0.5 to 1.5 cm (JSM = PDF), sexual-medicine you can verify this claim in the study in the medical magazine JSM page 16, and the study presented in 2007 in the American Urological Association congress (AUA)”.

In the scientific study of the Hospital SGB of the University of Turin (Italy) conducted by Dr. Gontero and published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in 2008 the conclusions were “After 6 months the mean gain in length was significant, meeting the goals of the effect size, at 2.3 and 1.7 cm (PDF) for the flaccid and stretched penis, respectively, you can verify this claim in the abstract study in PDF for the flaccid and stretched penis, respectively, you can verify this claim in the abstract study in BJUI (the US National Library of Medicine) and the whole study in the medical magazine.

Testimony of professionals


A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile…

Study Made with:


Dr. Paolo Gontero

Urologist, Department of Urology, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.


Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease Management with Traction Device…

Study made with:


Dr. Martínez-Salamanca

Urologist, Department of Urology, Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

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“Only managed 2.5 hours as I felt a burning sensation in the shaft after a while. It might have been from the memory foam and wrap as it was sore and super sensitive.  When I took it off. After taking 30 minutes I can probably wear it for another 2 hours. But I’ll call it a day.”

“ I used the Bathmate for 10 minutes afterward to get the blood flowing and the pump and feeling was similar to my first use! The pump pressure was very strong and my penis felt very worn out similar to a great jelq session. Guess it does what it claims to.” James. (July 28, 2017)

“I added about 2cm using an extender similar to ANDROPENIS — in fact, I used two high-quality extenders towards the end. Personally, I think they work. But you have to take a great deal of care with them so that they do not cut off blood supply to the head. I don’t have experience with the ANDROPENIS system. But looking at it I think it is quite similar to one of the types I was using.”

“I’m glad to see there is now a support representative on the gym for rod based extenders. I have to say that the push rod systems really do get a stretch happening. But they are certainly not set and forget.” David , june 2018

“I gained little over a half an inch within the first 6 months but then dont think gained anything in the 3 months after that. I just couldn’t keep up with that schedule, to keep working your dick for so much time everyday is difficult. But I still do the bathmate and ANDROPENIS atleast thrice a day for a bit because it definitely improves erection quality in a pretty serious way! I would urge all to do these exercises.“ Adam. 28, 2017)

“I wear my extender at work. I am the exception and not the rule I suppose. At my job, I am required to wear fire resistant bibs which, thankfully, are very loose fitting. I simply wear sweatpants under my bibs, tuck those into my boots and off I go!

I do one and a half to two hour sessions, depending on comfort, with fifteen to thirty minute breaks between each for a total time in the extender of six to eight hours. I have only slipped the noose maybe a couple of times and it simply falls into my boot.”

“The problem will be when I get killed or injured on the job and they find this medieval looking contraption on my dick! My job is very active. I climb ladders, ladder racks, walk, bend and lift. Actually, the most difficult thing for me while extended is getting in and out of my work vehicle.” Randall, – July 28, 2017)

As long as you follow the instructions provided and have realistic expectations. You will be able to get exactly what you want from this worthwhile investment over a longer time period!

David • 3 months ago ; For those of us who were overzealous in using too much force in extending, is the toughening of the septum durable? Or would the toughening reduce over time once. The routine is switched over to a lower force, longer duration one? Would be really unfortunate if the potential of any kind of future growth be stumped because of a dumb mistake

ANDROMEDICAL : Septum toughening is not durable. I would recommend “rest days” or “rest weeks” where you can mitigate any septum hardening that may have happened.

R. Boss • 3 months ago. ; Will I get the same results if I use it for a total of 10 hours but broken up into 1 1/2–2 hours of continuous usage with a 5 minute break in between (bathroom breaks)?

And also, if I “lean” to the left erect; should I still alternate evenly. (ie. Half the day left half the day right, switch every day or every other day (which of the 3 options are best for growth?)). Or cater to stretching to the right more?

ANDROMEDICAL : Yes, that sounds like a good strategy to me. However, you should spend more time bending “away” from the side that you “lean” towards — if you want to correct the lean.

Damar Sharm • 3 months ago : I am 4 inches right now. How long will it take me to become 5 inches? And 6 inches ? ANDROMEDICAL ; It would take approximately 12 weeks to gain 0.7 inches.

Rita Wain • 4 months ago : Peyronie’s disease..  I’m ALL for increased size, but guys, don’t be embrassed about ANY curvature of your penis. A curve in any direction is an exhilarating experience for ladies.

Peter Dane • a year ago : How long should I keep the phallo on ?? I been avg about 4 hours a week. I feel a little thicker but I guess I need someone to tell me at least 3–4 hours a day you will see results. Not 3 hours a week ANDROMEDICAL : You are correct! Aim for 3–4 hours a day (not a week!)

Lewis. Hi, I’m a van driver can I use the device wile I’m driving. ANDROMEDICAL : Some devices you can, some you can’t. Really depends on the design.

The ANDROPENIS penis extender has become incorporated into the lives of men across the world. In this section customer testimonials. ANDROPENIS Extender’s customer success and satisfaction rates are very high and this is what makes our company exceptional. Are you a user? Send us your feedback by email by contacting us.

“I have gained a tremendous amount of length, almost two inches in 4 months. I am extremely pleased with my results and my sex drive has never been better. Mark Devon   Lincoln, RI, United States

“I’ve gone extensive reconstructive surgery . As well as a variety of cosmetic changes to my penis. I have probably used every device on the market, but the andropenis Extender was the only one that has worked for me.” Jordan K.  Texas, United States

“There were times when I though that this device may not be working. Three months into the treatment program. I’ve seen tremendous gains in size. Coming from a person who has used pumps before, I can proudly say that the extender truly works.” Carl T. Middlesex, United Kingdom

“For two months I used a tube-based extender .I realized that I was reducing the blood circulation to my penis. After switching to the strap-based extender .I noticed faster results and a much healthier penis.”  George P.  Quebec, Canada

“I gained about 2 inches but what I thought was the most surprising effect of the extender was the improvement it had on the strength of my erections.”  Osama D.  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .

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