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A medical effective method to enlarge the penis (PubMed)

Penis Enlargement Methods

A medical effective penis enlargement method to enlarge the penis (PubMed)

Andromedical extenders have been developed to satisfy real needs of the social and also intimate lives of our clients. Due to the fact that the circumstances or reasons are many, the solutions need to be also. Without a doubt, several customers contact us because they really feel that their size in erection is not enough. Others however because its drooping dimension triggered a facility in some public nakedness situations or because they struggle with micropenis.

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At Andromedical, as we such as to prove our arguments with scientific evidence, we will certainly not simply provide simple growth figures; we let scientific research studies with actual topics reveal the outcomes that can be gotten with our extenders.

BJUI study about andromedical

In the scientific research of the Health center SGB of the University of Turin (Italy) performed by Dr. Gontero as well as released in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in 2008 the verdicts were “Finally, the penile extender device supplies an acceptable, minimally intrusive technique that can produce an effective and also durable lengthening of the penis, both in the drooping and in the stretched state.” You can watch the abstract research in PDF(the United States National Library of Medicine) and also the entire study in the clinical publication BJUI.


In the clinical research study of the Medical center GM of the University of Madrid (Spain) executed by Dr. Moncada and released in the Journal of Sexual Medication (JSM) in 2005 the decisions were “Continual treatment for 4 months with the penile extending device provided an increase from 1 to 4 centimeters (JSM = PDF) and also a boost in girth of 0.5 to 1.5 centimeters (JSM = PDF), you can validate this case in the research study in the medical magazine JSM web page 16, and the research offered in 2007 in the American Urological Association congress (AUA)”.


In the professional research study of the Healthcare center SGB of the University of Turin (Italy) conducted by Dr. Gontero as well as released in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in 2008 the verdicts were “After 6 months the mean gain in dimension was substantial, satisfying the goals of the result dimension, at 2.3 as well as 1.7 centimeters (PDF) for the drooping and also stretched penis, respectively, you can confirm this case in the abstract study in PDF for the drooping as well as extended penis, respectively, you can confirm this claim in the abstract study in BJUI (the United States National Collection of Medication) and the entire research in the medical magazine.

Testimony of professionals


A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile…

Study Made with:


Dr. Paolo Gontero

Urologist, Department of Urology, University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.


Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease Management with Traction Device…

Study made with:


Dr. Martínez-Salamanca

Urologist, Department of Urology, Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

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” Only taken care of 2.5 hours as I felt a burning experience in the shaft after a while. It could have been from the memory foam as well as cover as it ached and also extremely delicate. When I took it off. After taking half an hour I can most likely wear it for one more 2 hrs. But I’ll stop.”

” I made use of the Bathmate for 10 mins later to obtain the blood streaming and also the pump as well as sensation was comparable to my very first use! The pump stress was very solid and my penis felt really broken similar to a wonderful jelq session. Presume it does what it declares to.” James. ( July 28, 2017).

” I included regarding 2cm utilizing an extender similar to ANDROPENIS— actually, I made use of 2 high-quality extenders towards completion. Directly, I think they function. However you need to take a great deal of care with them to ensure that they do not remove blood supply to the head. I don’t have experience with the ANDROPENIS system. However considering it I think it is rather comparable to among the kinds I was using.”.

” I rejoice to see there is now an assistance agent on the health club for rod based extenders. I have to claim that the press rod systems actually do get a stretch taking place. Yet they are definitely not establish and fail to remember.” David, june 2018.

” I obtained little over a half an inch within the very first 6 months yet after that don’t assume gained anything in the 3 months afterwards. I simply could not keep up with that routine, to keep functioning your prick for a lot time day-to-day is challenging. Yet I still do the bathmate as well as ANDROPENIS atleast thrice a day awhile since it most definitely enhances erection quality in a pretty serious method! I would certainly prompt all to do these workouts.” Adam. 28, 2017).

” I use my extender at work. I am the exception and not the policy I suppose. At my job, I am needed to put on fire immune bibs which, luckily, are very loosened installation. I simply put on sweatpants under my bibs, put those into my boots as well as off I go!

I do one and a fifty percent to two hr sessions, depending upon comfort, with fifteen to thirty minute breaks in between each for a complete time in the extender of 6 to 8 hrs. I have only slid the noose maybe a number of times as well as it simply comes under my boot.”.

” The trouble will be when I obtain eliminated or hurt on duty and they discover this middle ages looking gizmo on my dick! My job is really active. I climb ladders, ladder shelfs, stroll, bend and also lift. Actually, the most tough point for me while expanded is getting in and out of my job vehicle.” Randall, — July 28, 2017).

As long as you adhere to the instructions offered as well as have realistic expectations. You will have the ability to obtain exactly what you want from this beneficial financial investment over a longer time period!

David – 3 months back; For those of us that were overzealous being used way too much force in extending, is the toughening of the septum sturdy? Or would the strengthening minimize over time as soon as. The regimen is switched to a reduced pressure, longer duration one? Would be really regrettable if the capacity of any type of kind of future growth be stymied due to a foolish error.

ANDROMEDICAL: Septum toughening is not resilient. I would certainly suggest “day of rest” or “remainder weeks” where you can reduce any kind of septum solidifying that may have happened.

R. Manager – 3 months ago.; Will I get the same outcomes if I use it for a total of 10 hours but broken up right into 1 1/2– 2 hrs of continual usage with a 5 min break in between (bathroom breaks)?

As well as also, if I “lean” to the left erect; should I still alternative evenly. (ie. Fifty percent the day left half the day right, switch every day or every various other day (which of the 3 choices are best for development?)). Or deal with extending to the right extra?

ANDROMEDICAL: Yes, that sounds like a good strategy to me. Nevertheless, you need to spend even more time bending “away” from the side that you “lean” towards– if you intend to deal with the lean.

Damar Sharm – 3 months earlier: I am 4 inches today. How long will it take me to come to be 5 inches? And also 6 inches? ANDROMEDICAL; It would certainly take about 12 weeks to obtain 0.7 inches.

Rita Wain – 4 months earlier: Peyronie’s condition. I’m ALL for boosted size, but men, do not be embrassed concerning ANY curvature of your penis. A contour in any kind of instructions is an exhilarating experience for girls.

Peter Dane – a year ago: How much time must I maintain the phallo on ?? I been avg concerning 4 hours a week. I really feel a little thicker but I guess I require someone to inform me at the very least 3– 4 hrs a day you will see outcomes. Not 3 hrs a week  ANDROMEDICAL : You are correct! Go for 3– 4 hours a day (not a week!).

Lewis. Hi, I’m a van driver can I utilize the gadget wile I’m driving. ANDROMEDICAL: Some gadgets you can, some you can not. Really depends upon the style.

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” I have actually obtained a tremendous amount of length, nearly 2 inches in 4 months. I am very pleased with my results as well as my libido has actually never ever been far better. Mark Devon Lincoln, RI, United States.

” I’ve gone considerable cosmetic surgery. As well as a variety of cosmetic changes to my penis. I have probably used every device on the marketplace, yet the andropenis Extender was the just one that has helped me.” Jordan K. Texas, USA.

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” For two months I made use of a tube-based extender.I understood that I was decreasing the blood flow to my penis. After changing to the strap-based extender.I noticed faster outcomes and also a much healthier penis.” George P. Quebec, Canada.

” I got about 2 inches but what I thought was the most unusual effect of the extender was the improvement it had on the toughness of my erections.” Osama D. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Premature ejaculation is often cited in scientific articles as the most common male sexual dysfunction. Although we do not have reliable data to support this claim, our clinical experience confirms that this disorder is indeed very common. We also have the impression that this diagnostic category affects a very heterogeneous population. Firstly, premature ejaculation occurs in men of all socioeconomic levels. Secondly, there seems to be no correlation between premature ejaculation and specific sexual conflicts or, for that matter, non-specific psychopathology. We have observed premature ejaculation in subjects who were psychiatrically healthy and in others who suffered from various psychopathological syndromes. Third, these patients show similar diversity with respect to the quality of their marriage; excellent some early ejaculators seem to maintain relationships with the wife, while others are engaged in hostile or destructive interactions with their partners.
Premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox) is unmistakable, but difficult to define accurately. Precocity is essentially a condition in which a man is unable to exercise voluntary control over his ejaculatory reflex with the result that once sexually aroused he reaches orgasm very quickly.
Many attempts have been made to establish a quantitative criteria for this disorder. For some clinicians, it is the time that elapses between vaginal insertion and ejaculation to determine the diagnosis.

Other subtle criteria are the number of “movements in the penetrations” before ejaculation, the percentage of responses in the partner, etc. In a textbook, precociousness is defined as the presentation of the orgasm 30 seconds after entry into the vagina. One researcher has extended this criterion by a minute and a half, another by two minutes, while a third accepts a patient on therapy if he ejaculates after 10 movements. Masters and Johnson diagnose an individual as a precocious ejaculator if he reaches orgasm before his wife on more than 50% of the occasions. In reality we cannot consider any of these variables as a valid criterion of precocity.

Our clinical experience indicates that there is considerable variation in the length of stay inside the vagina, that is, the number of movements in the penetrations that a premature ejaculator can tolerate before reaching orgasm. Some ejaculate after several minutes of erotic foreplay with a seductive woman, or even at the naked eye of her partner when she begins to undress. Most precocious ejaculators ejaculate shortly after their penis enters the vagina, but others are able to rub the penis inside the vagina before reaching orgasm.

Masters and Johnson’s response criteria is based on the sexual response of the partner in her time to reach orgasm, but this time varies greatly from one woman to another.

Basically in all definitions consider this precocity in terms of the time it takes a man to reach the stage of plateau in the cycle of sexual response. And that’s where the defect lies, because the essence of precocity does not lie there. Precocity does not admit a quantitative definition because the essential pathology of this clinical picture is not really related to time. The crucial aspect of precociousness is rather the absence of voluntary control over the ejaculatory reflex, regardless of whether this occurs after two impulses or five, whether it occurs before the woman reaches orgasm or not. We can therefore say that premature ejaculation exists when the orgasm occurs in a reflex manner, when it is outside the voluntary control over the ejaculatory reflex, regardless of whether this occurs after one, two or more frictions during intercourse.

Instead we will say that there is evaulatory control when the individual can control all the levels of arousal that characterize the plateau stage of the sexual response cycle without ejaculating in a reflex manner.

As expected, the complaint of the premature ejaculator and his wife is the speed of orgasm.
Also interesting in the clinical picture is the absence of perception or decrease of erotic sensations once the patient feels intensely excited, in a sensation like anesthesia, which is usually more mental than genital. At that time the man is not able to have a point to compare.

As the patient gains control in his sexual response he will feel pleasant and different sexual sensations that they had not experienced before.

Shapiro described two types of premature ejaculator:

A- In younger patients with a very strong sexual impulse, without problems to have an erection and have never been able to control their ejaculation.
B- Older men, with current erectile dysfunction problems, who in the past had control over their ejaculation.
Our experience is reduced to type A early ejaculators, especially considering type B as a manifestation of impotence, in the way in which the patient retains the ability to ejaculate.

Reactions to premature ejaculation
The ability to control ejaculation is crucial for a good sexual act and for a satisfactory erotic adjustment. An effective lover has to be able to prolong sexual play while in this excitement, in order for the woman to achieve orgasm.
A woman’s sexual response tends to be slower, especially when she is young, and requires more time for her to reach a high level of arousal and orgasm.

But apart from these considerations, if the individual is sure of his or her ability to control the response, there is the possibility of prolonging sexual foreplay and thus exploring and extending the field of sexual expression.
The anguish of the premature ejaculator about his sexual competence can ruin the sexual relations of the couple. It is clear that it is impossible for a man to be sensitive and receptive to his partner if he is concerned that when he reaches a high level of arousal he will be forced to abruptly end the sexual act.

The wife often does not see the effort of the husband or partner to try to control their excitement and fear of premature ejaculation, instead she may feel rejected or think that the man is selfish for not attending to their sexual desires and please her.
There are, of course, exceptions. Some couples are able to establish a more open communication and try to adapt to the precociousness of the husband (after ejaculating, he can continue to stimulate his wife’s clitoris until he reaches orgasm). But the truth is that premature ejaculation limits the sexual enjoyment of the wife, while the husband’s pleasure is increased if it can prolong the period of intense excitement prior to orgasm. At best, precociousness restricts the sexuality of the couple and, at worst, can be very harmful.
In view of its negative effects, it is interesting to observe how reactions to premature ejaculation vary from one individual to another. Some premature ejaculators seem to ignore the fact that this dysfunction blocks their potential for sexual pleasure, and even consider their functioning as normal and even desirable. Since in young people the desire for rapid orgasmic discharge is intense, the affected person may not feel motivated to try to delay ejaculation. The tendency to view the problem in this context may explain the fact that nothing less than an authority like Kinsey did not view premature ejaculation as pathological, quite the contrary:

He judged the celerity of any biological function as a sign of excellence.

The truth, however, is that many of the men who suffer from ejaculatory incontinence feel very unhappy and disturbed by their condition. As a general rule, they decide to start treatment as a last resort, after they have attempted to achieve orgasmic control through a series of “common sense” methods recommended by the family doctor. The subject tries to distract himself from the sexual act by focusing his attention on non-sexual images during the sexual act, or by tightening the anal muscles, or by biting the lips, or by sinking the nails in the palm of the hand, etc. Such methods delay the onset of intense erotic arousal, but are unable to facilitate control of ejaculation.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation


The premature ejaculation of a healthy patient who has never had the control few times the doctors have found an organic origin, and they think that the medical examination of the patient before beginning the treatment is unnecessary.

On the other hand, urological and neurological examinations are indicated when a patient who previously had good control over his ejaculation begins to have control problems. Becoming a premature ejaculator. In these cases, everything could indicate that he has a disease on very few occasions. As diseases in the urethra, prostatitis, or loss of control of urine sphincters, multiple sclerosis or other disorders.

Psychological causes
Many specific psychological causes of premature ejaculation have been postulated, as well as many treatment techniques based on these theoretical assumptions. These include psychoanalysis, “common sense” methods and, more recently, a very effective treatment technique consisting of sensory training.

Psychoanalytic formulations
Psychoanalytic theory considers premature ejaculation as a neurotic symptom and, as such, susceptible only to psychoanalytic treatment.
The Freudian theory of causality postulates that the premature ejaculator harbors intense but unconscious sadistic feelings towards women. The unconscious purpose of premature ejaculation would be to lower and challenge the woman, and thus deprive her of pleasure.
The conflicts that underlie this unconscious hatred of women that, according to psychoanalysts, presides over the heterosexual relations of the premature ejaculator are of pregenital origin. Psychoanalysis maintains that the conflicts that arise in the urethral erotic phase of psycho-sexual development play a crucial role in the genesis of this disorder. These etiological hypotheses are based on very complex theoretical assumptions, which could be reduced to three fundamental concepts. Firstly, the premature ejaculator suffers from a basic ambivalence towards women. Secondly, his emotional immaturity makes him incapable of dealing with this ambivalence in an adaptive way. Finally, these unconscious ambivalent feelings find symbolic expression in the symptom of ejaculation incontinence, which serves the dual purpose of causing pain and frustration in women (the mother), and at the same time keeping the conflict repressed, this is outside the patient’s consciousness.
The treatment based on these theoretical constructs aims at discovering and resolving the unconscious oedipal conflicts of the patient, in the expectation that once this objective has been achieved, with the parallel resolution of their sadistic orientation towards women, sexual functioning will automatically improve. To this end they employ, for a more or less long period, psycho-sexual techniques, techniques of free association, interpretation of the phenomena of transference, oniric association.


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