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Penis Enlargement Method

Today, customers can discover several penis enlargement without surgery . There are a great deal of creams, Herbs, weights, pumps as well as many others, thus the difficulty to find out if a method is reputable and, most of all, safe. From the laboratory perspective. We decided to report just the techniques that we have bibliographies and recognized clinical foundations for, which have confirmed reliable and also deal medical guidance.

Penis traction devices without surgery : are external prostheses affixed to the penis and also put in male traction as well as progression. These tools utilize the supposed principle of grip to enlarge the penis and represent in many cases a good choice to penis enhancement surgery as it is a non-invasive solution.

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Penis enlargement without surgery 

Andromedical’s treatments and products have been designed to help our patients in the enlargement of their penis. With the aim of improving results and safety of the treatment, Andromedical has designed the Andropenis device to allow our patients to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Andromedical’s treatments and products have been designed to help our patients in the enlargement of their penis’s. With the aim of improving results and safety of the treatment, Andromedical has designed the Andropenis device to allow our patients to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Rigorous testing, scientific studies, doctor and patient feedback are responsible for making Andromedical’s devices and treatments withstand the test of time, trusting the company for more than 30 years.

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As a complement to all of our penis extenders, we also offer our patients the new Androcomfort band. By doing so, penile extender treatment is more comfortable and easier to complete, allowing the desired results to be achieved in less time, by virtue of the increased comfort of the treatment.

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“Today, amongst several techniques to enlarge the size of the penis, the most efficient and so far the safest is the technique…”

Dr. Ignacio Moncada

Chief of the Urology Unit at the Gregorio Marañon Hospital of Madrid, Spain.

“One of the ethnic groups that is most affected from and worried about the size of the penis is the Asian male population…”

Dr. Ismail Tambi

Consultant Clinical Andrologist, Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist Men's Health Clinic Damai Service Hospital, Malaysia

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Our team of physicians and health experts can support you along your treatment, by email or chat, with ongoing medical advice and support.

You can take a quiz with quick medical questions and, if in doubt, a physician will review your answers.

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From 149£ / €159 / $179 / CA$239 / AU$269

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Penile prolongation operation, penis surgery

Penile prolongation operation
Penile prolongation procedure is less generally performed in the general public industry, however entails a joint strategy in between urology as well as cosmetic surgery. Hereditary and also obtained micropenis are the ageless medical indications for penile prolongation medical therapy. The purpose of treatment in these people is to recoup a practical penis dimension in order to enable normal standing micturition, enable satisfying intercourse as well as likewise boost client way of living. Many people searching for elongation in fact have normal size penises, yet regard themselves to be tiny, a psychologic trouble identified ‘penile dysmorphophobia’. This paper will certainly assess the composition as well as likewise embryology of hereditary micropenis in addition to evaluation both traditional in addition to clinical tracking alternatives for men seeking penile elongation therapy.

Penile composition
To totally comprehend restrictions of tiny penis dimension and also the surgical enhancement possibilities, we need to evaluate the suitable basic penile makeup. The penis is comprised of 3 big cyndrical tubes– 2 corpora cavernosa dorsally, which have the erectile cells, and also the corpus spongiosum which makes up the urethra. The main parts of the penis are surrounded by areolar tissue as well as peripherally enclosed with skin. Each layer of the penis plays a considerable role in the function as well as likewise features of the penis throughout sex as well as revoking.
Skin plays a critical duty in protecting the penile cells from injury during intercourse and additionally as an obstacle from microbial infection. If infection or injury do happen, the skin can prevent intracavernosal functioning along with cause an included abscess or hematoma formation, respectively. The skin is highly linked to the glans and additionally only openly attached to the shaft, allowing for mobility throughout sexual intercourse. Deep to the skin exists the superficial (dartos) and likewise deep (Dollars’) fascia, which supply additional architectural assistance. At the base of the penis, the dartos fascia integrates with smooth muscular tissue fibers along with creates a distinct penoscrotal angle in between the scrotal wall surface and the skin. The deep fascia complies with the tunica albuginea.
The base of the penis is strongly linked to the pubic rami by penile tendons composed of connective tissue. The ligaments arise from the outside oblique aponeurosis and also are handled to the symphysis pubis. The suspensory tendon establishes from the linea alba and likewise supplies dorsal support in addition to stablizing of an erection by attaching midline to the penile origin. This ligament in addition assists cover the neurovascular bundle of the penis as well as protects it throughout repeated sexual injury. The tendon of Luschka or fungiform tendon include dartos fibers as well as also increases from the stomach Scarpa’s fascia onto the penile shaft. The fungiform ligament affixes to the pubis as well as also followers side to side as well as likewise ventrally to the border the entire penile beginning, imitating a sling for support.

Penis development/embryology
Throughout embryologic growth, gender stays detached up till approximately seventh week of pregnancy. From the 8th week forward, guy along with female developing pathways deviate. In guys, maternal chorionic gonadotropins from the placenta promote growth as well as likewise growth of the testicular Leydig cells, which at some point create their own testosterone for more growth. The development of the exterior genitalia in males depends on the conversion of testosterone to the energetic component dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone is changed to DHT in your location by 5 α-reductase and also after that directly acts upon androgen receptors to begin cell signaling paths.
The genital tubercle rises the size of to establish both the shaft as well as glans of the penis. The urogenital folds fuse along the midline to wind up being the penile urethra in addition to the glans invaginates to establish the glandular urethra. The labioscrotal folds fuse to create the scrotum. Complete penile difference requires to be complete by the end of the initial trimester. Penile size as well as dimension boost throughout growth balanced to different other fetal development. The common penile size increases by a mean of approximately 2 centimeters between 14 weeks as well as term. Penile elongation in utero is total by androgens developed by the coming child. After the very first trimester, the expected youngster relies on his really own hypothalamic-pituitary axis for gonadotropin manufacturing. Any sort of issue leading to hypogonadism in utero can bring about an underdeveloped penis, along with subsequently congenital or ‘true’ micropenis.

After normal improvement, there is an LH surge at birth which promotes a boost in testosterone production as well as penile growth. This increase just lasts pertaining to 12 h along with eventually hormone levels go down rather lowered. Gradually, gonadotropin and additionally androgen levels start to increase as well as peak once again. This increase in levels lasts for roughly 6 months and likewise allows for proceeded penile growth. Repeating penile development takes place throughout development, without the demand for surges, yet rather as a result of common advancement. At the age of puberty, the HPG axis obtains activated along with stimulates testicular testosterone manufacturing, which as a result causes further penile development right into their adult years.

Normal penile length
Accurate dimension of penile dimension is essential for both scientific as well as academic features. Due to this, a regular strategy for dimension has been defined to keep consistency. In contrast to identifying a flaccid penis, which supplies limited professional worth, extended penile dimension (SPL) dimension is considered finest method for adult males as it most thoroughly reproduces routine erect penile size. SPL is the maximum dimension of the penis while expanded, evaluated from the base of the penis, under the pubic symphysis to the concept of the glans and likewise is thought to approximate upright penile length within 10%. For exact scientific assessment, SPL requires to be determined by a medical professional. Research study research studies have shown that males who are pleased with their penile length overestimate their measurement, whereas people who are dissatisfied regularly take also lightly.
Genuine micropenis is specified as a normally developed penis that has an SPL that drops listed below 2 usual inconsistencies of normal for a patient’s age in addition to race. Wiygul outlined the mean SPL in kids in addition to the analysis dimension for micropenis at each age. Typical values for preterm babies birthed in between the 24th as well as additionally 36th week of maternity can be calculated utilizing the formula: (0.16 × weeks of pregnancy)– 2.27.
As stated, micropenis establishes as an outcome of a primary or neighborhood hormone discrepancy during fetal innovation. Real micropenis is a hereditary abnormality along with is various from gotten penile size problems such as hidden penis or entraped penis. Based upon the etiology of the hormonal disorder, micropenis can be divided into 3 broad categories: hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, as well as also idiopathic. Different various other, much less usual root causes of micropenis have really been recorded. Problems of sex-related distinction could present with micropenis, although hypospadias is a whole lot a lot more usual. The coexistence of micropenis as well as additionally hypospadias is called “microphallus”.

Penile dysmorphophobia
A lot of people seeking penile prolongation treatment have a normal penile dimension, which is functionally appropriate for sex as well as micturition. Person experiencing little penis, in spite of ample dimension, generally deal with either penile dysmorphophobia problem (PDD) or tiny penis anxiousness (HEALTH FACILITY). In both of these troubles, people regularly underestimate the dimension of their own penis as well as overstate the mean dimension for other people. PDD exists within the body dysmorphic problem (BDD) array, which is specified in the Analysis and Analytical manual of Mental illness, 5th version as a ‘somatoform condition given by fascination with an imaginary or irrelevant flaw in the physical look that causes impairment in numerous locations of operating’. Males are so busied with their penis dimension and size, they may establish depressive episodes connected with social, job, along with sex-related disorder. There is a high occurrence of psychogenic impotence and also absence of sex-related fulfillment in men with BDD, regardless of their typical libido.
In contrast, DAY SPA is a stress and anxiety disorder crucial to the genital body organs being observed, directly or indirectly while clothed, as a result of problem that the drooping penis dimension and/or girth is much less than the expected normal for an adult male. Person stress and anxiety proceeds no matter proof from a specialist assessment to negate their problem. THERAPEUTIC FACILITY may be an uncontrollable rumination or an element of psychosis which creates considerable psychological distress and also actions troubles. Various scales and additionally nomograms have actually been produced by researchers to comfort patients that their size is routine. Regrettably, as a result of the nature of their nervousness, end results of these study studies are just minimally useful to this client populace.

Men's Fitness, advertises a product called 'Andropenis.'

Men’s Fitness, advertises a product called ‘Andropenis.’ Why? Because ‘Size does matter’. AndroPenis promises ‘Visible results – more length, more girth’

The basic medical theory behind the Andro-penis is that stretching over a period of time will cause the body to create new cells and the penile will become larger.

Comfort Mechanism: Included
Andromedical locations special attention on the safety and security, individual kindness as well as convenience of its products. The fundamental Andropenis kit includes 4 protective paddings -Androtop for comfort which protects the penis from abrasion as well as pain, as well as two collections of bands: two easy silicone bands -Androsilicone and two particularly developed Androcomfort bands with a broadened middle component which enables broader circulation of the stress on the penis as well as therefore also further reduces the opportunity of abrasion or pain. In addition the basic Andropenis kit includes two protective silicone rings -Androring which is put around the penis and in addition secures it.

The Andropenis Costs kit consists of added Androtop protective convenience cushions, Androsilicone and also Androcomfort bands and also safety silicone Androrings. There is likewise a Comfort set available in the spare components shop which also includes extra paddings, bands as well as rings.

Track record: Superior
Andropenis extender was established by Andromedical and Dr Gomez de Diego after years of practical as well as clinical and also clinical research study. In over 15 years of existence of this European business there have been over 350.000 users of different versions of Andromedical penis extender tools from over 140 countries all over the globe; a huge majority of which were Andropenis.

The business has actually always looked for best feasible therapies of male sex-related and penis issues. Since the beginning the firm has been devoted to assisting guys improve their physical as well as sexual efficiency, penis renovation, better sex life and self-image structure.

The considerable as well as widespread network of Andromedical’s partners as well as agents, basic physicians, urology and also andrology specialists which advise, use or advertise Andromedical products, in addition to numerous pleased customers demonstrate the trustworthiness this business has.

One more important factor which is not to be missed out on is the guarantees which Andromedical gives for its item Andropenis as well as a business. Next to money back guarantees and also producer’s assurance for the product, the firm is a certified medical device supplier. As the studies have actually shown over 95% performance of the Andropenis extender, issue as well as recovery prices are really low.

As Andromedical pays special focus to safety and security, wellbeing and convenience of its users, the device is developed to be very strong so it doesn # 8217; t break, however at the exact same time lighter than various other extenders. All the materials are additionally evaluated for biocompatibility and Andropenis Gold has all steel components covered in gold to prevent any irritation or allergic reaction to steel.

As a company Andromedical is a trustworthy vendor. Naturally it provides all the common ways of repayments as well as shipment. The gadget is sent anywhere you desire in a very discreet white box with no signs on the outside as well as covered in a postal bag.

Assistance: Exceptional
Andromedical group of specialists and also physicians are readily available 24/7 all the time. Call facilities around the world offer continual service to customers in major world languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.). They can be also gotten to by mail or on the internet conversation. The staff are trained to answer any kind of inquiries worrying the device or the process of treatment. Medical and also wellness inquiries are responded to by professional clinical professionals and also physicians.

Next to the warranties Andromedical provides as a producer, the company offers constant solution and aid to the purchaser. Convenience sets and also extra parts are offered along with other Andromedical items.

Bonuses: Yes
Andromedical offers the basic Andropenis kit with Androtop protective comfort cushions, Androsilicone and Androcomfort bands all included, but it also offers Andropenis Premium with additional bands and protective cushions as well as travel bag and 100 sex tips e-book included. Both basic Andropenis and Andropenis Premium come in the Gold version which means all the metal parts are covered with gold which prevents allergies to metals.
Both basic Andropenis extender kit and Andropenis Premium can be obtained in combination with additional comfort kit or a two months supply of Andropharmia Penis supplement pills at a special lower price.
The Andro penis is perhaps the most complete penis enhancement device you’ll come across in the market given its incredible results over many years. You can also make use of this great product and see the difference in your life. The overall result of this product could be increase in the penis size anywhere between 2-3 inches. Use it to believe it.
More Details

Andropenis Device

The AndroPenis has been developed with the highest quality of medical standards (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000) and is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device.

You can use this device without any fear and it perfectly fits on all sizes of penis. It is most comfortable to use no matter what you�re doing and where you�re. You can use it while standing, sitting or even walking.

How It Works – The device is useful in permanently enlarging the penis by constantly stretching the sex organ gradually. Let’s understand the concept. During an erection the penis is filled with blood in three chambers.

The 2 vertical chambers known as Corpora Cavernosa can hold up to 95% of the blood in the penis during erectile position. The amount of blood that can be hold by Corpora cavernosa determines your penis size.

The penis size if gradually increased by using the AndroPenis which applies traction force to stretch the sex organ. This stimulates the penis cells to grow naturally. You can achieve permanent penis growth through the device. After reaching your goal you can stop using AndroPenis.

A brand-new survey by a team of american scientists released in the British Journal of Urology International last sheds some scientific light on this issue. They located that penis extenders or penile grip tools are more reliable at increasing penis size than other techniques.

For 90 guys using three various sorts of penile extenders, the outcomes were average drooping length rises of 1.5 to 2.7 centimetres, with only a handful experiencing wounding, discomfort, itching or short-term discolouration.

While operations in 121 guys produced ordinary flaccid length increases of between 1.3 and 2.5 centimetres, the procedure came with a significantly better threat of unwanted results as well as problems. Surgical penis extending has an extremely high dissatisfaction price amongst individuals and also may even cause a loss of the ability to attain an erection.

Botox injections have actually been shown to have only a short-lived impact in raising drooping penis size, while there appears to be no proof that penis workouts or repeated vacuum cleaner therapy results in a considerable modification in size even after extensive durations.

According to co-author Paolo Gontero, Affiliate Professor of Urology at the University of Turin “penile extenders are an efficient and also resilient technique of penile expansion […] with minimal adverse effects” that are a lot less invasive than surgery and also “needs to be the first-line therapy for guys looking for a penile extending procedure”.

Exactly how do extenders function?

There are many different make from penis traction gadgets on the market, however they all look quite comparable and deal with the exact same concept. They generally include a ring-shaped base that fits over the origin of the penis and rests on the pubic bone, 1 or 2 flexible and calibrated rods expanding from the base, and an adaptable band that slips over the head of the penis.

These tools permit the penis to be in grip for four to five hrs daily for a duration of a number of (generally a minimum of five to six) months. The extensive periods of stretching are thought to cause a growth action leading to the growth of millions of brand-new tissue cells, creating an extension of penis size. Durations of stretching demand to be rotated with periods of remainder to allow the body to rebuild the stretched cells. For convenience, several penis extenders are developed to be put on underneath loose apparel.

However do you truly need it?

Prior to you choose to subject on your own to any type of penis enlargement procedure you must most likely ask yourself if you actually, really require it. To start with, size isn’t whatever, and second of all, you could discover that you’re tools isn’t as little as you assume it is.

Medical professionals mention that “urologists are regularly approached by men who are concerned concerning the dimension of their penis although that the majority of them are typical sized”. According to him as well as his colleagues the “regular” or average dimension penis is considered to be anywhere from 4 centimetres long when drooping and greater than 7.5 centimetres long when put up.

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