Local side effects

Andropenis penis extender has no considerable side-effects with a success rate of 97.5% if it is made use of as instructed. It is a reliable as well as secure strategy to take full advantage of penile length in clients going through PD surgery.

In research studies on patients utilizing the Andro-penis for as much as 9 hrs daily for 6 months, local penile side effects have been reported as occasional and also self resolving, rarely causing discontinuation of treatment. These consist of moderate penile bruising and penile skin response in the distal component of the shaft (website of application of the silicon band) and also at base (website of application of the plastic ring).

In a current collection of 18 patients experiencing brief penis the therapy resulted normally well tolerated: one situation of penile bruising and also one of short-lived penile dyscromic adjustments were taped with just one patient taking out from the study because of pain. The authors concluded that the good security profile sustains using the Andropenis penile improvement gadget use as a possible, traditional as well as first-line therapy choice in males seeking penile lengthening.

The superb security profile of Andropenis was additionally validated in clients with Peyronie’s illness, where the gadget was evaluated with the main aim to decrease penile curvature. Out of the 21 people signed up in a stage II research, only one discontinued treatment with the Andropenis after a few days as a result of pain caused by the device. There were no reported adverse effects in the remaining individuals.

No side effects on sexual function

In a Chinese study, 30 males aged 16-40 years of ages, were entailed with the aim to investigate the impacts of a penis extensor (Andropenis) in order to extend the penis. None of the patients reported erectile dysfunction or urination dysfunction.The device has been demonstrated to be risk-free as well as free of adverse side effects.

In the research by Gontero, sexual feature was examined by administering the erectile function (EF) domain of the verified International Index of Erectile Feature (IIEF) questionnaire at standard and at the end of the research study (after 12 months). IIEF EF domain scores significantly improved from a mean baseline worth of 19.9 (SD 8.77) to 27.1 (SD 1.4) at 12 months (Wilcoxon Z test: -2.677; p=.007). Specifically, after the 6-month post-treatment period, the IIEF EF domain name scores stabilized in 5 out of 6 clients with moderate ED at standard, in 1/1 with moderate ED at baseline and in 2/2 with severe ED at standard and it was the same in 1/6 with mild ED. None of the 9 people with normal pre-treatment erectile function racked up abnormal IIEF EF domain name worths at 1 year. The favourable impact of the Andropenis on sexual function was additional underscored by the post-treatment non-validated complete satisfaction set of questions (table 1). Mean reported rating for inquiry 4 that asked: “Exactly how would you rate your sex-related life?” was consistent with moderate to substantial renovation. The authors suggest that the boosted sex-related efficiency after the use of the Andropenis is likely to be because of the enhanced penile size.

When the Andropenis was examined in Peyronie’s illness people, just minor improvements in sexual function were observed. EF domain name ratings of the IIEF boosted from a mean standard value of 23.8 (SD 4.07) to 24.7 (SD 4.11) at 12 months (p=0.23). The writers underscored that these searchings for substantiate the safety account of the Andropenis as opposed to the damaging result of surgical procedure on sexual function in Peyronie’s disease.e Andropenis after a couple of days as a result of pain triggered by the tool. There were no documented negative effects in the continuing to be clients


Taking these points right into factor to consider, we confirm that Andropenis has no negative side effects on sexual activity on a short or lasting basis. On the contrary, utilizing Andropenis would certainly transfer confidence to the person, with the confidence that his penis will grow which the high quality of his erection will likewise boost. Consequently, his self-confidence as well as self-confidence will certainly boost gradually, which, consequently, can boost foreplay and improve favorable expectations from sexual intercourse.


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penis side effects
* Scores:0=reduced, 1=unchanged, 2=mild improvement, 3=significant improvement
** Scores: 0=no result, 1=very mild, 2=acceptable, 3=good, 4=optimal
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